Never slow down to win the battle in Clash of Heroes! A little math and a great deal of stamina will make you the hero of this clash, so make sure you give in all you got. Let’s see if you can be the real hero, though.

In this strategy game, you will not get into risky actions but instead, make your wits talk. You have an unlimited number of challenging levels ahead of you. Keep your mind clear, and choose your heroes wisely. You need to drag your heroes on the blue side of the lines that are left for your defense and attack moves. You need to wait for your heroes to re-appear once you use one of them on the ground, though. Until you reach the right time, your enemies may go ahead and attack your towers which will end up decreasing the number of soldiers you have in a tower. That’s why you need to choose the best time and the best soldiers to move. The party to eliminate all the soldiers of the opponent will win the game. Now, let’s see how far you can go winning the battles.

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XiferGames developed Clash of Heroes.

Release Date

November 17, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Cloud system available for saved progress

• Upgradable tower, hero, and item settings


Drag the heroes on the available slots to start attacking your enemies.