Christmas is on the corner, and you should feel it with Christmas Match n Craft! This is a different kind of game where you will have a new kind of fun. Still, it’s all about Christmas and Christmas spirit. So, get ready to feel the peace of Christmas while playing this new kind of match game.

This game brings together the Christmas spirit and the classic fun of a match game. When you start the game, you will be given a table of 77 squares. Those squares will slowly be full of Christmas-themed icons. At this point, you are expected to create icons with higher numbers on top of them by combining the icons with smaller numbers. To merge squares with the same icons and upgrade to a new icon, you need five of the same icons in a column or a row. So, you better start by moving the objects with the number 1 to get them together. If you can get five of them together, you will see them merge into one icon with the number 2. You can go on like this until you get one icon with the number 40. Of course, with each move comes new icons, and you need to merge icons as fast as possible not to run out of place!

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Lof Games developed Christmas Match n Craft.

Release Date
December 08, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• Entertaining and addictive gameplay
• Intuitive controls
• Christmas-themed icons

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose the icons and move them.