Bring color to Christmas with this unique race in Christmas Bridge Runner! Ornaments, trees, and sparkling decorations are ready for Christmas. The only thing left is for you to reach your spot to start the celebrations!

This game brings you into the middle of a heated competition. Your aim is to collect stockings of your stickman’s color or the gray ones which turn into your color. This will give you the power to build your way up the bridges to the next platform. By building the bridges to move over, you can reach the final platform. You need to be the first one to reach there in order to win the level and move on to another. While collecting the stockings, be careful not to bump into other stickmen with a higher pile than you since you will drop all your stockings in that case. Be fast to run over to your bridge before others come and color your progress into their color! Keep up with this challenge to be able to celebrate Christmas in the best way now!

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YAD.Com developed Christmas Bridge Runner.

Release Date

December 15, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Relaxing gameplay with a winter atmosphere

• Skins to unlock

• Double get when you pick up stockings with SuperStart


Drag the cursor through the platform to move the character and collect the stockings.