Hold on to your brakes in Burnout Crazy Drift! This game has all the excitement you need in a crazy drifting session, so hold on tight and try your best to drift all the way!

In this simulation game, you can enjoy the best drift moves by driving your car around the racetracks and pulling crazy moves. All you need is to drive the car with the WASD or arrow keys. You can drift by balancing the tilting motion of the car from one side to the other or simply hit the brakes with the space key. You have two modes that you can try out. The drift mode gives you the freedom to drive your car around the 10 different racetracks alone. You can take your time to enjoy this skill and practice it to become perfect. In the racing mode, you will need to have perfect drifts while trying to be faster than your rival. Don’t forget that you can unlock better cars and custom them if you earn well with great drifts and successful levels!

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Vitalitygames.com developed Burnout Crazy Drift.

Release Date

November 23, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• New cars to unlock

• Customizable cars

• 10 different racetracks

• 2 main modes to challenge yourself


Drive the car with the WASD or arrow keys. Drift with the space key and use the nitro speed with the shift key.