The infinity of space hides many secrets that humans are so determined to discover, and these curious attempts have attracted the most unusual attention in Chicken Invaders. Climb into your spaceship and fight the space chickens to protect your planet from their sharp beaks and put an end to their intimidating clucking. Chickens on Earth can’t fly but these alien species are expert at gliding through the vacuum of space to avoid your laser beams. Time to ruffle some feathers and put an end to this invasion!

Chicken Invaders is the remake of the original game, which was released way back in the year 1999. Belonging to the space shooter genre, Chicken Invaders takes you into outer space to fight the most dangerous and unsuspected enemy, the sharp-beaked and merciless chickens! Living under our nose while they silently plan an invasion with their extraterrestrial brethren, it falls on you to stop them before it is too late. Similar to other space shooter games, your objective in Chicken Invasion is to defeat the waves of enemies without dying. Your spaceship is armed with laser cannons, and with the power-ups you can collect from the fallen enemies, you can improve the range and power of your attacks. Weapon improvement is not the only type of power-up you can collect in this amazing game. Occasionally, you can get a power-up that will allow you to change to a stronger model of ship. The chickens may look goofy, but they will try to attack you as you progress through the levels. Sometimes they will dive toward you, and crashing into one will destroy your spaceship, so be careful! Each new level will become progressively more challenging as your enemies start to move across the screen in different patterns.

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InterAction Studios developed this game.

Release Date

December 14, 2018


  • 2D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Lots of levels
  • Entertaining gameplay


Hold down your left mouse button to move your spaceship around.