Bring the action to your garage with Car Merge & Fight! Win gold coins from your fights, buy new luxurious cars and tanks with your money, and improve your attack to overwhelm the enemy on the battlefield! Multiply your earnings to gain an advantage over your opponents!

This is how battles are fought in the modern world! You buy vehicles, merge them, and upgrade your mechanical soldiers to beat the enemy. Join this war of speed monsters, and take your position in the field! Try different attack and vehicle types, and find what fits you the best! Buy new units as the enemy vehicles evolve to keep up with the challenge. You can get new additions to your army at the main menu between levels. Merge two units to get an upgrade and gain a stronger vehicle with higher attack damage. Do not let failures bring you down; losing battles is another way of making money in this game. You can also watch short ads to multiply your earnings by up to five and get a financial boost! Use this feature to buy extra vehicles, get ahead of your enemies and bury them in the ground! Explore new types of units by evolving continually, and write your name to the battleground in gold letters!

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CarGames.Com developed Car Merge & Fight.

Release Date

January 6, 2023


Colorful 3D graphics

Addictive battles with increasing difficulty

Unlockable boosts and vehicles

Achievements to raise the challenge


You can use your mouse to play.