In Bubble Trouble 1, it's time to put an end to evil once and for all. Your enemies have been roaming freely in your lands for far too long. Unchecked and unchallenged. Are you ready to face them and show them you are not afraid?

Be brave, hero! You are about to face your enemies! They are very scary looking and far more powerful than you. Do you wish to see the face of your enemies? There they are. The bouncy bubbles! What were you expecting? Orcs, goblins and mutants? Well, our hero is powerful enough to defeat them all. Alas, he has one weakness. These bouncy bubbles are basically his kryptonite and they have terrorized him for far too long. Are you ready to help him defeat them? In this game, your objective is to destroy these bubbles before you run out of time and complete all the levels. You can choose to play alone or with your friend. When you hit one of these evil bubbles, they will break into smaller pieces. If you touch one of them, you'll lose a life. You can see your life, remaining time and score at the bottom of the screen. Oh, just a heads-up before you head into battle. Your enemies will drop power-ups when they die. Try to get them all to stand a better chance against them. Good luck!

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Aditon Inc developed Bubble Trouble 1.

Release Date

January 09, 2018.


  • 2 player game option
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls


You can use your mouse to play as the first player. Use the A and D keys to control the second player and press Q to shoot.