Butterflies have arrived, and they want to play in Bubble Shooter Butterfly! Grab the colorful bubbles and pop all of them through dozens of relaxing and fun levels!

Look at all the colors so pretty! Your objective in this game is to complete all the levels by popping the bubbles in them before you run out of moves. You can play the game with your mouse, so let's start! In each level, bubbles will be placed at the center of the screen. Their placement comes in many different patterns! At the bottom, you can see the bubbles you will throw at the cluster in the middle. Use your mouse to aim, and click on the screen to throw a bubble. To pop bubbles, they should be at least in groups of 2 and have to be hit with a bubble of the same color. When you pop a group of bubbles, it will remove the ones below if these have no other attachment points than the ones above them. You can earn up to three stars in each level, and that depends on your score. To earn the most points, it is best to remove all the bubbles with as few moves as you can. The remainder of your moves will be converted to points in the end! Enjoy!

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Azerion Casual Games developed this game.

Release Date

January 23, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Relaxing and entertaining gameplay
  • Dozens of levels to complete
  • Butterflies!


Use your mouse to play.