Bottle Flip is here to hit you with the classic internet challenge once more! With the sweetest color combinations and the tricky flipping controls, this hyper-casual masterpiece will leave you wanting more! Jump from a desk to a sofa, then to a bed, and try to lend on a tiny shelf with the help of your master-level bottle flipping skills!

One of the most famous internet challenges is now at your fingertips with smooth 3D graphics and bright pastel levels! You don't have to be afraid of breaking anything while flipping bottles anymore; this game restores everything for you while giving you an endless track! You must click or tap and keep holding for a while to gain momentum to flip the bottle. This waiting process determines the distance your bottle will move. Holding for too long will send your bottle too far, while not holding enough will make your bottle fall between two structures. Collect the diamonds to unlock the level mode and two amazing themes! You can also unlock the special design bottle skins and try them all! Try the level mode, reach the level goals, and reveal new stages filled with exciting challenges! Let's see your bottle-flipping record!

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2Play developed Bottle Flip.

Release Date

November 9, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

2 visual themes

2 game modes

Unlockable character skins


You can use your mouse to play this game. Click and hold to gain energy an let go!