In Blob Tank Wars, take control of your mighty tank and declare war upon your enemies. These war machines might look bouncy, but they are quite sturdy. Your attacker approaches and you should be ready to face them. Can you win each confrontation and emerge victorious from the conflict?

Battles can only be won by the most talented soldiers. You're one of the best, and only you can win this war. Get into your tank and head to the battlefield. When the game starts, you and your enemy will be located at your own sides. Between, there are trees which act as obstacles. You should try to time your shot carefully, as your aim constantly changes. To fire your cannon, press the D key. At the top of the screen, you can see the scores. Hitting your enemy will give a point, and the one who reaches the 5 points first wins the game. This game offers both solo and 2-player game modes. If you're tired of fighting against the computer, grab a friend and share your keyboard to play with them. Occasionally, you'll see various power-ups. Shoot them to collect them. Can you become the hero of this war by winning every battle?

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RHM Interactive developed Blob Tank Wars.

Release Date

January 17, 2019


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Solo and 2-player game mode options
  • Competitive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


Press the D key to fire your cannon as the player one. Use the left arrow key to fire as the player 2.