The sky is endless but that won’t stop rival pilots from trying to claim the limitless blues for themselves! Join the competition with the latest dot io game,! Take control of a plane and take your place in the buzzing skies. Collect pellets and become the fastest pilot to claim your victory over others! Are you up for the challenge or will you be forgotten like many others? Start the engines and show others how to be the best!

As a dot io game, has a similar objective to the other titles in the genre. Other pilots have taken off. Join them before it’s too late! As the player, show all the others that you own the map by collecting the pellets scattered around the game screen. As you collect pellets, you will gain fuel. Being a master pilot has its perks and one of those is to control an aircraft with ease. The game has simple controls. Use your mouse to move around but watch out! Unlike other games, you can’t eat or absorb other planes. Use your masterful maneuvers to avoid crashing into other planes. In a rush? You can click on the left mouse button to speed up. When you find yourself in a tight spot you can avoid other planes with this technique. But keep in mind that speeding up will use up your fuel, so you have to collect more pellets to fill your bar again! The sky is your kingdom and the cockpit is your throne!

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  • Endless level
  • Simple controls
  • Nice graphics
  • Easy gameplay


Use your mouse to choose your direction. Press the left mouse button to go faster.