Backflipper is a fun jumping game with awesome block graphics! You jump over the roofs, skyscrapers, houses, trees in various locations with different characters! Sounds excited? Then start the game now!

The skill games that created with block graphics are very fun! But Backflipper is the coolest one! In this game, your objective is to control the character to make him or her jump and flip back in order to land on the next building. To start the game, click on the big play button in the main menu. Your characters will be waiting for you on the roof to control him. Try to land on your feet! While landing, move your mouse to control the character's position, or else he falls and dies. With various obstacles, make sure your timing is on point to land all your flips. Don't miss the target! You should also collect the coins on your way. Use these coins to unlock new characters like president, t-rex, businesswoman, penguin, and so on. You can also buy new locations to make your character jump in. Try to land safely on the roofs to get the perfect score and earn as many coins as possible! Will you turn your world upside down! Prove you're the best back flipper in town! Enjoy!

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MotionVolt Games developed Backflipper.


  • Fun block graphics
  • Different locations to unlock
  • Various characters to select
  • Intuitive controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.