Discover a whole new puzzle dynamic in Nonogram Jigsaw! Forget about all the puzzle rules you know to this day. There is a new type of puzzle which you need to master to be successful. Let’s see if you are enough of a puzzler!

Here, you will get to play three different puzzle games. To start with the main one, there is the nanogram puzzle. Beware that you need to learn the rules well to be able to solve the puzzle in this one. The basic idea is to fill in the grid by switching to the square or x sign mode from below the grid. Check the numbers on the corners to see how many boxes you need to fill. When there’s more than one number, you will leave at least one empty space between that many filled boxes. You need to fill the grid in the same order as the numbers appear in the corner. When you are done, fill the empty boxes with the x sign. In the end, you can see how accurate your end product was. Besides this main game, you can complete jigsaws with the puzzle pieces you collect with your points. Also, take a look at the picture puzzles in another section which you can unlock by completing enough levels in the main puzzle.

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Albayoo developed Nonogram Jigsaw.

Release Date

July 19, 2022


• 2D graphics

• Multiple levels

• Jigsaws and picture puzzles to complete besides the main game

• Unique gameplay

• Free gifts to receive

• Weekly quests


You can use the mouse to solve the puzzles.