Save your planet now in Among vs Creeper! There is about to be a catastrophe and your planet needs you! Now, get your weapons and fight with all the power you got!

Your planet is at a huge risk. As a matter of fact, only you can save your planet and its citizens of it. Different waves of enemies have decided to attack you. The bad thing is that before they appear to you, they send tons of asteroids to you. So, first, you need to shoot all those heavy asteroids while still protecting yourself. If you can clear them all, your enemies will appear to you and you will need to shoot them, too. Your character automatically shoots its weapons, so you simply need to rotate your cursor to move the character across the screen. Make sure to collect bonuses like shields for better performance and the blue dots that appear after clearing off the asteroids to earn points. You can unlock better spaceships and new skins with those points, too!

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AppyApp developed Among vs Creeper.

Release Date

May 27, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Spaceships to upgrade

• Skins to unlock

• Waves of enemies coming

• Multiple levels


You can use the mouse to drag your character and aim.