The sun is glaring down in the desert and our friend, Amigo Pancho, needs to escape from this scorching landscape. Walking is not an option, so he’s turned his gaze toward the sky and found some balloons to float away with. The desert is not merciful! Help Amigo Pancho fly away by eliminating obstacles that will stop him from leaving! We hope you brought your sunscreen because the sun shines brighter in the desert!

Welcome to the amazing world of Amigo Pancho, where you try to help the main character, Amigo Pancho, escape from the desert. Through 25 levels, you will encounter many puzzles to solve and obstacles to remove to let Amigo Pancho fly to freedom. This addictive game offers three levels of difficulties. The first 7 levels are easy, the next 11 levels are medium, and the last 7 levels are hard. The game has easy controls and addictive gameplay. In each level, you will see Amigo floating by holding two balloons. Your objective is to clear every obstacle that could cause his balloons to pop. You will face many sharp threats! Bandits with swords, cactus plants hurling their piercing thorns, and even crazy desert creatures -- all have the sole purpose of sending Amigo back to the hot sands below! You will see your score at the top of the game screen. Your score decreases the more time you take. How quick can you be? Challenge yourself as you try to solve the puzzles in each level, keeping your eyes on your score. Be quick and help Amigo Pancho escape the desert as fast as you can! Overcome mean cactus plants, angry bandits, glaring sun, and many other hindrances and show them that the desert is not a prison!

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Amigo Pancho was made by Qaibo Games.

Release Date

October 2013


  • 25 levels
  • 3 different difficulties
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Nice graphics


Use left mouse button to destroy an object.