Who said everything ends when you die? Join the ethereal fun in the amusing point-and-click adventure game, Afterlife: the Game. Play with the dead! Escape from your grave as a ghost and linger in the mortal world for various adventures. But be careful not to leave any spiritual residue. The living hate that stuff!

Mortals are just too skittish! Can’t a ghost have fun? Afterlife: the Game gives a different perspective to the players by placing them in the shoes of a ghost. Ghosts don’t have or even need shoes but flying around in the midnight sky as a ghost after you break free from your eternal grave will let you experience what it feels like to be unbound from the limitations of the mortal plane! What would a ghost do once it is unchained from its eternal rest? It would visit its acquaintances. Through the game, visit various places and try to solve the puzzles to move on to the next level. Use your mouse to control the ghost and watch it cause mayhem with a fiendishly delighted smile on its ethereal face! Wondering what your wife is doing? Visit her and shield her from various crazy characters such as ninjas and more! What about your previous boss, the mean old grump who used to complain about how messy your desk was? Go and show him what messy means by possessing his office supplies, reports, and pencils! Even a ghost deserves a rest after a long day of work. The beats at the ghost party are out of this world! Keep up with the rhythm and impress other residents of the afterlife with your dance moves. Every journey must come to an end. In the end, you should move on and choose one of the two inevitable destinations. Either climb the stairway to heaven or ride the highway to hell.

No matter which choice you make in the end, your mischief has left a mark on the living. Don’t want to stop here and want to continue to scare mortals? Why not try another ghastly game in our collection, Haunt the House?


Tilen Pogacnik developed this game.

Release Date

January 2018


  • Many levels to play
  • Hilarious gameplay
  • Various puzzles
  • Minigames


Use your mouse to play this game.