Joggle with numbers in 2048: Puzzle Classic! Clear your mind and focus on a single number. Give in all you got to merge the tiles until you get the ultimate tile of 2048.

This iconic merging game not only challenges your puzzle skills but also brings out a new kind of gameplay that you need to get familiar with to achieve the goal. Even though this ultimate goal is to merge enough tiles to acquire the tile of 2048, any kind of progress is accepted as an achievement in this game. Try, fail and try again until you can get closer to completing this game. You play this puzzle by dragging the cursor to the side where you want the tiles to move. When there are two tiles of the same number moving toward the top of each other, they will merge into their sum. So, now let’s see if you will get the tile 1024 without being left out of space for new tiles to eventually get the tile of 2048!

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Holger Sindbaek developed 2048: Puzzle Classic.

Release Date

December 20, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Challenging game experience

• Intuitive controls

• Keep playing bonus available at the end of a level


Drag the cursor to move the tiles.