Ride your way into the stars in 2 Player Moto Racing! Thousands of feet up in the sky, you are in the middle of nowhere. Four of the best riders in the world have now taken a huge step forward and took the race to outer space. Now, let’s see if you can ride your motorbike equally well there, too!

You will be riding against 3 other very successful motorbike riders in this game. You can either play against 3 computer-generated players or choose the 2 player mode and ride against your friend from the same computer. Either way, there are 10 levels that await you. You need to become victorious at each level to pass on to the other levels. There are three different levels of difficulty in this game. Choose one from the easy, medium, or difficult options and start the levels. You will be engaging with your rider through a roadmap with many ramps. Don’t miss out on the chance to collect the bins of gas and make sure that you don’t fall off the edges of the road. Now, enjoy the view and try to become the champion of the stars!

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Vitalitygames.com developed 2 Player Moto Racing.

Release Date

May 18, 2022


3D radiant graphics

Addictive roadmap to drive through

2 player mode available

Motorcycles to unlock


Use the arrow keys to ride the motorbike. Press the L key for the nitro speed, the X and C leys to kick the other riders, and the H key to respawn.