Stroll around in your city to become a champion in 2 Player Battle Car Racing! Everything is going as it should and it’s a regular day in the city. But your friends have decided to spice up things, so they invited you to a race. Can you become the winner of this race?

This is a classic racing game that will make you have a blast. Here, you will be racing with three other racing cars. Your aim is to finish the parkour as the first car in the raking to be able to pass to the next level. With each successful level, you will be earning money. Feel free to use that money on new and better cars that you can acquire from the garage. There are two options in this game. Choose the 1-player mode to race against three other computer-generated rivals. You can also choose the 2-player mode to enjoy a split-screen and race with your friend from the same computer. There are 10 levels, so let’s see if you can become the king of the roads with these 10 levels!

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Developer developed 2 Player Battle Car Racing.

Release Date

June 01, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• 2-player mode option

• Need for sudden player control

• Cars and racetracks to unlock


You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the car, the shift key to use the nitro speed and the R key to reset the car.