Let’s see how crafty you are in Woodturning Studio! You are given a perfect chunk of wood, and you have all the time in the world. Now, what are you waiting for? Take your knives at hand and show us your passion and your talent!

This game will present you with everything you are looking for when it comes to letting some blow off steam. Take the perfect chunk of wood before you and choose one of the eight blades. Each of the blades has a wonderful feeling of carving and creates a different kind of cut on the wood. You have no time limit whatsoever, so take your time and enjoy the beautiful art of wood carving. Who knows, maybe you will find the hidden talented artisan in you! Just keep in mind that any piece, whose tie you cut with the bigger part, will pop out of the table. Now enjoy this beautiful craft and see what you can make out yourself!

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RHM Interactive developed Woodturning Studio.

Release Date

March 09, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Endless gameplay to enjoy

• Intuitive skills

• Soothing game experience

• Addictive gameplay and curving feel


You can use your left-click and your cursor to carve the wood.