If you love waterparks, you will have fun of your life in Waterpark Slide Race! Get on the racetrack alongside your many rivals and get ready to feel the lightning with your speed. It’s a matter of concentration and speed to be the winner in this game. So now give in your all to win this race!

You have a very long and curvy racetrack before you. In the start line, you and your rivals stand next to each other and start running with your whole speed. At one point though, you will start seeing some options that will spice up the game. Not so long later than you start from the start line, you will see the lightning icons. You should get them to have a speed boost which gets you ahead of your friends. Another very cool option is the trampolines. These trampolines get you higher and higher. With the jumping motion those trampolines give you, you can float in the sky for meters and fall onto some part that is very ahead of your rivals. This will save you time and distance. Still, be careful not to fall to the sea but on the racetrack. If you can manage this, you will be safe and sound. Just keep going and run fast to be the winner in this fun and addictive race.

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YAD.Com developed Waterpark Slide Race.

Release Date
December 06, 2021

3D colorful graphics
Many tracks to unlock
Intuitive controls
Competitive and addictive gameplay
Fun trampolines to bounce off

You can use the mouse of your computer to move the character.