In Up Hill Racing, it is time to test your speed limits! Choose between various car options and displays that are more beautiful than the other! If you are ready let’s jump into the game and see if you can collect all the coins or not! Good luck and have fun!

The most entertaining and addictive racing game is back! You climb upward in this physics-based racer using a variety of vehicles such as a monster truck, a lorry, or even a six-wheeler ATV. Each vehicle offers a unique experience and can be upgraded to improve control and performance. Attempt to reach the top of the hill by climbing as high and as far as you can. To complete the level, you must reach the end of the route. Collect coins to buy upgrades, cars, or tracks. To navigate your car, you can use the arrow keys or the pedals. You can collect coins or perform flips to earn even more credits as you go. Put your foot down, climb hills at difficult levels, and beat your friends' best scores! Accelerate your car and collect coins to utilize boosters to improve the stability of your car at high speeds and over bumps! You may even expand the fuel tank's capacity! Collect all of the coins to gain access to all of the other incredible cars and displays! Play now without wasting time! Watch your head!

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SOFTGAMES developed Up Hill Racing.

Release Date

November, 2021


Colorful 2D graphics

Entertaining gameplay

Endless levels to complete

Different vehicles to unlock


You can use your arrow keys to play this game.