Get ready to make the dust fly in Racing Horizon! Imagine a world where you can custom-create each road you like to drive on and each setting you want to drive through. Now, you can have this in your hand with this fun racing game!

In this 3D racing game with realistic graphics to drag you into a world of different dimensions, you can decide on what kind of road to drive on and whom to compete against. Begin the game by choosing your car or wait until you get enough credits to unlock better cars. Later, you can decide on which mode to drive your car in. There are four main parts which are namely missions, endless, time-up, and escape. In the missions mode, you need to complete a series of challenging tasks to win the game. In endless mode, enjoy the freedom of freely driving around. In time-up mode, you need to go as fast as you can to complete the round. In escape mode, you need to flee the police by driving perfectly. You will have the chance to choose the weather, time of the day, traffic type, and road. So, enjoy this thrilling racing game and see which parts you will succeed in in the best way.

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RHM Interactive developed Racing Horizon.

Release Date

February 18, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• New and better cars to unlock

• Customizable road maps

• 15 unique driving tracks

• Four main game modes


You can control the car with the arrow keys. Change the camera view and activate the nitro speed from the buttons on the screen.