Find the differences in the fun pictures of our cute mermaids with Undine Match the Pic! Our girls took pictures with their friends during their summer trips, but it looks like something changed them! Can you help them find these differences, solve the mysteries, and bring the original pictures back?

The girls were really excited to see the memories they collected during their summer trip, but they were shocked when they saw the pictures! Something had changed small details on the photos! Luckily, they have two copies of each, so we can find the changes, undo this mistake, and help them solve this mystery! But be careful; it will not be that easy! You can start with the first image of the little blonde princess. There is a countdown continuing below; you can check it to see the time you have left. You can also look at the board above to find the number of the differences and where you stand. Examine the images carefully. When you spot a difference, check it twice before clicking. Random clicks can get you a time penalty and cost you seconds. Keep calm, and do not be afraid to try again until you find them all!

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DL-studio developed Undine Match the Pic.

Release Date

July 28, 2022


Six cute images

Increasing difficulty on each level

Improving puzzle-solving skills

Fun for all ages

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to click on the differences.