Explore a new world deep down in Underwater Car Racing Simulator! Roads, lands and normal ways may be enough for some people but you need more than these to fulfill your need for excitement. Now, get in your car and enjoy this thrilling race!

Here is a racing game for you to enjoy what it feels like to drive underwater. In this simulation game, you can enjoy the underwater view while driving your car. Thanks to the transparent tunnel you are driving through, you can watch the blue water and the world there. But don’t lose focus while enjoying this view. You still have a race going on. Use the brake and gas pedals on the screen to accelerate and slow down. Click on the arrow keys to rotate the car. You should dodge the obstacles on the road to drive safely and try to become one of the first three cars to get to the finish line. Earn points with each successful level and use them to unlock new cars with better tare, speed, steering and acceleration. Now, let’s see if you can become a pro underwater racer!

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PL Studio developed Underwater Car Racing Simulator.

Release Date

June 09, 2022


• 3D amazing graphics

• Customizable car features

• Cars to unlock

• Engaging roadmap with an amazing view


You can press the gas and brake pedals on the screen to accelerate and slow down. Press the arrow keys on the screen to rotate the car.