Winter is on its way, and you have to survive in Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming! You are left in a peaceful-looking village with dangers that you wouldn’t think of. While spending your days here and trying to survive, you should always have an eye open! Are you ready for this challenge?

In this pixelled game, you can feel the ultimate nostalgia for the old video games with the vivid colors and graphics. But apart from this nostalgia, you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat with the fun plotline and addictive gameplay. Your aim is to survive in the village shown on a platform for as many days as you can. You got company in this game. This means not only there will be some enemies that you have to fight against but also good company that will help you during your journey. You can use the WASD keys to move, the space key to jump, and the mouse to choose options like fight or dodge. You can collect wood, stones, ores, etc., and upgrade your skills and tools, too. Now, dive into the vintage world of this pixelled game and see how long you can survive in this adventure!

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Gold Skull Studios developed Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming.

Release Date

December 20, 2021


Vintage-looking colorful graphics

Skills and tools to upgrade

Need for strategic thinking

Survive for as many days as you can!

Characters to unlock


You can use the WASD to control the character, the space key to jump and the left-click to choose options.