Tunnel Runner is an amazing platformer game where you'll be running for your life! It is only a matter of seconds that you can hit an obstacle. It may seem easy at first to play this game, but it is quite challenging to master. Run through the tunnels by using the arrows key or the touch control. How many levels can you complete before you hit any of the walls? If you are curious as we are, then here we go!

It is time for you to prove your running skills through over 1000 levels! The time has come, and you are one of the most talented competitors for this amazing runner challenge. With 3D extraordinary graphics and neon background, you will feel like you are really in this simulation game. The objective is to keep running as long as you can to outreach your highest score. If you are playing on your computer, use the keyboard arrows to turn and SPACE BAR to flip. If you are playing on mobile, use the touch controls. You can track your level progress from the top of the game screen. Avoid all the obstacles that come on your way. If not, you die, and the game is over. Try to collect the green lights, the shields, which will protect you from anything. Good luck!

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Drmop Games developed Tunnel Runner.

Release Date

September 14, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Over 1000 challenging levels
  • Mercy shields to collect
  • Thrilling and engaging gameplay


On desktop: Use the cursor or the arrow keys to rotate and SPACE BAR to flip. On mobile: Tap the edges of the screen to rotate.