Challenge your friends and yourself with the parkour racing tracks and professional bikers of Trial 2 Player Moto Racing! Share the screen, keyboard, and opponents with your friend, or try your luck against three game bots! Choose between three difficulty options and test your progression while discovering new levels with increasing heat!

Ready yourself for a new racing experience on sky islands, and invite a teammate over to share the victory! These tracks are nothing like your usual street race or professional bike tracks; they are built in the skies! While the opponents are professionals, the background is also an enemy with its distractive and breathtaking scenery! Choose a look for your rider and move on to the level options. Choose your level and start from the easy mode to get used to the mechanics. Keep your eyes on the track to stay within it. You can kick your opponents to push them out of the road and get in front of them. Falling costs you a time penalty of a few seconds, but it is nothing you cannot recover. Cut your opponents' way, push them off the track, and keep the first place to yourself!

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Developer developed Trial 2 Player Moto Racing.

Release Date

November 30, 2022


Single and multi-player options

Three game difficulties

Unlockable biker skins and bikes

Fun and challenging tracks with amazing scenery


Player 1 can use the arrow keys to move, the spacebar to accelerate, and "N, M" to kick, while Player 2 can use "S, D, F, E" to move, "W, R" to kick, and the left shift to accelerate.