Try not to be spooked by the scary cards of Spooky Tripeaks and win this thrilling card game! Here is a chance for you to test your card game skills. Will you be able to complete this Tripeaks solitaire and yet stay chill against all the spookiness?

This is a classic Tripeaks solitaire card game designed with special features to celebrate one of the most fun seasons of the year, Halloween. Now, prepare yourself to be accompanied by the famous personas of Halloween like a good old vampire or an old fashion mummy. As you play the solitaire game with special cards of skeletons, you will see them doing a peek-a-boo in the purple background. The gameplay is built classically. You are expected to draw cards in the middle according to the open card. Choose the cards with one lower or one higher value than the open card. If you have no playable card, draw one card from the spare deck or use the joker card at the right corner. The longer you take to finish the game or the more spare cards you use, the fewer your points will be. Now, let’s see if you’ll be able to keep it cool and show your card-playing skills!

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bestphysics developed Spooky Tripeaks.

Release Date

October 13, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Halloween theme!

• Intuitive controls

• Joker card available with a rewarded ad


You can use the mouse to choose and draw the cards.