A new journey awaits you in Train! Choof choof! A new kind of puzzle game lets you become a conductor. Now, you will try to solve a good-fashioned puzzle game while also handling the route of the train. Are you ready to manage everything at once?

You will be given a series of levels that all consist of different kinds of mazes. These mazes make up small replicas of some neighborhoods. That is why you will be seeing some people that are waiting for the train to come. Your job is to pass by all the people by going through all the needed streets to pick them up one by one. Just choose which direction to move to when you are given options at each conjunction. When you finally get all the people in the neighborhood to your train, you can pass to the other level. With each success, you will earn some money. Feel free to use that money to unlock new trains. This is a chill and fun game where you can see many levels easily. One warning would go in handy, though. With each group of people you get, the train gets longer. So, don’t cause a crash and calculate your moves wisely!

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2Play developed Train.

Release Date

March 08, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Interesting gameplay

Multiple levels

Trains to unlock!


You can use the arrow keys to choose the direction you want the train to go.