Experience how it feels to live the high-privileged life of celebrities in The Celebrity Way of Life. Have you ever wanted to be a worldwide famous star who runs from one occasion to another? Now, you have the chance to experience this extravaganza of fashion. Are you ready to witness the mid-glam on the way to a glamorous life?

You are a famous star who is wanted in the most important gatherings all around the world. So, you must always be ready to shine wherever you go. In this game, you will have 8 occasions to visit where you should look as chic and elegant as possible. You are your own styler on this journey, and you should put in all your fashion knowledge to be the most fashionable star wherever you go. You can unlock each occasion if you can successfully create a charming look for yourself in the previous one. Get your place on the podium and choose every detail in your look. It is all up to you to choose from your lens color to your accessories, from your shoes to your hairstyle. Be ready to pose out with your best look!

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Top Girl Games developed The Celebrity Way of Life.

Release Date
November 22, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• 8 different occasions
• Variety of chic clothes and accessories
• Fun gameplay

You can use your mouse to choose options.