In Tank Off, choose from 4 iconic tanks and get into the driver's seat! An amazing tank riding experience awaits you in the wasteland! If you are ready to control these war machines, let's jump into the game and show them who is the master! Good luck!

The battle has begun. Take the guns to your opponent's tanks and destroy as many as you can before they kill you. A thrilling action awaits you as you battle cunning enemies, collect power-ups, and complete the levels of exhilarating action. Collect money and upgrade your war machine with more weapons, bullets, and armor to become the leader! Your objective in this game is to control your monstrous flying machine. You can control your tank with the WASD keys, spacebar to jump and click to shoot. But before you start, you should choose between Panzer IV, Tiger, T-90, and Abrams! It will be a competitive, brutal, and fast-paced action with up to 12 players! As you proceed with the game you can upgrade slots for speed, gun damage, gun recharge, shield, shield recharge, turbo, and turbo recharge. Tune your death machine to your style! War zones can be desert, riverbank, military base, or so on! You can also chat with your team to coordinate tactical maneuvers and strategic role assignments. Are you ready to soar over your enemies and slam your rivals into submission?

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Martian Games developed Tank Off.

Release Date

June 28, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Online multiplayer game
  • 4 different tanks to choose
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your WASD or arrow keys to drive the tank. Left-Click to shoot. Right-Click to aim turret. Shift to use Turbo. Space to jump. M to mute audio. Enter to chat. Esc or ~ to open menu.