Welcome to Supermarket Mania: Kids Go Shopping! Do you like spending your time in supermarkets shopping for groceries and other nice new items? This supermarket is unlike others! You can find lots of different new products in here! In this entertaining game, you can shop for groceries, clothes, toys, and more! Clean up after clumsy customers, collect foods, slice fruits and even bake cakes! Grab a trolley, check your shopping list, and get ready to visit the aisles!

Colorful fruits and vegetables, the latest fashion clothes, and lots of new toys are waiting to take their place in your trolley! But wait! You can do more than just shop in this supermarket! With six different game modes, you can experience many aspects of visiting a supermarket. What is this mess? In classification mode, tidy up by placing things in their designated space. Some dirty customers didn’t pay attention to the signs. There’s litter everywhere! Sort different kinds of trash and place it in the designated trash bins. Place each fruit in its own basket and keep this place organized. Some parts of the market are filthy! Clean the market in the room clean-up mode: mop the water puddles, get rid of cobwebs and throw away the trash. Enough of the foul smells! Now that the place looks clean, let's bake a cake! Place the correct ingredients in the mixer and start filling the place with delicious scents as you bake cakes and other tasty treats in food maker mode. Want to show your knife skills? Head to the fruit slicing mode and grab your knives. Slice every fruit you can while avoiding bombs! You’ve just cleaned this place!

You’ve done a great job! Everything looks organized and the delicious smells of freshly baked treats fill the air! Seems like you have the skills of a manager! Why not visit our collection of management games, where you can find many fun games to play? And don't forget to try out our large collection of games for girls!


This game is developed by BubbleBee.


  • Nice graphics
  • Multiple game modes
  • Fun gameplay
  • Simple controls


Use your mouse to play.