Who can resist a little b-ball action when they need to kick up the fun level a little bit? Take your game to the next level with Street Ball Jam as you score point after point in this amazing basketball game. Challenge yourself in the game of hoops, and travel around the city to show off your dominance over the basketball court to the other b-ball lovers. Put on your sweatband, grab your basketball, and make sure to wear your most comfortable trainers. Get ready to sweat it out!

Street Ball Jam is an addictive game with colorful graphics and entertaining gameplay. Frequent one of the many basketball courts around the city and start dreaming big! As the player, your objective in this popular game is to score points by performing great shots. When you first start the game, choose a character to play as. There are two different characters available. At first, the only court you can play on is at the beach. Start dunking those balls so you can unlock the other courts! Playing this game is a piece of cake! To play, press and hold the left mouse button to make your character jump and when you think you’re in the right position, release the button to shoot the ball. Landing a perfect shot will win you gems that you can spend to unlock new courts. There are 6 different courts you can unlock. That's not the only thing you can unlock, either! You can also unlock new ball types, but the only way to get these is to perform amazing shots and score more points. You can unlock up to 23 different basketballs so start dunking and expand your collection of balls!

The competitive nature of basketball makes it one of the most popular sports, even if you’re only challenging yourself. Here at Kizi, we have many other popular games, and you can check them out in our online sports games collection. Have fun playing!


Maksim Eliseenko developed this game.


  • Different basketballs to unlock
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 2 different characters to play as
  • 6 different locations to unlock


Use your mouse to play this game.