No iron bar can stand in the way of true love, and you are about to witness it with Stickman Jailbreak Love Story! Try every trick in the book to get the stickman out of prison and help him return to the arms of his love! Give every option a chance to see how the story unfolds!

The stickman decided to rob a bank to give his wife a dream life. Of course, these dreams did not last long. The police found him, and now he is behind the bars. This unfortunate story takes another turn when the stickman gets a gift from his wife, and this is when you take matters into your hand. Choose between the two gift options and see how it goes. Keeping your reflexes sharp works in this realm, but making wise choices should be your priority. One wrong move can literally split the world in three. Try not to destroy the whole planet while trying to knock out officers. Enter rooms, get yourself admitted to the infirmary, and steal police uniforms. Play the cop, the insane, and the assassin to break free. Explore the strangest rooms with the strangest stories, and keep the stickman alive through his journey!

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Stickman Jailbreak Love Story.

Release Date

November 4, 2022


Funny and exciting storyline

Infinite choices with unique outcomes

Addictive gameplay

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to click on the options.