Enjoy 15 digital solitaire modes with Solitaire 15in1 Collection! Check all the game modes for the classic card game, and deal the cards with one click! Test your abilities with different rules, explore the challenges you have never faced before, and carry your game wherever you go!

Learn new solitaire games you've never heard of with this game! With fifteen fun and addictive card games, this edition has everything a solitaire-enthusiast needs. Choose among modes, play games, save your progress, and come back to pick up where you left off. You can get help from free hints, change modes, or restart the match with just one click. Browse through the games to find one you like. You can start with something familiar or try a new game. Read the game rules at the info tab on the top left, and follow them. Click on cards and drag them to make a move. You can take moves back or get a hint by using the commands on the top left. Keep practicing to get better at each game and learn them all. Switch between games to take a break, and enjoy these fifteen modes on your device wherever you go!

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Inlogic Software developed Solitaire 15in1 Collection.

Release Date

February 03, 2923


  • 15 game modes in one game!
  • Instructions and tips
  • Player-friendly interface
  • Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.