In Soccer World Cup 2018 Face Art, Princess Elsa needs your help, so grab your paints and brushes, and visit her in the castle. Running a kingdom keeps the beautiful princess very busy, so she missed the World Cup 2018. Luckily, there are still finals, and with your assistance, she can get in the football spirit like the rest of the world!

Football is liked by everyone, even Disney princesses. Elsa knows that you're very knowledgable about World Cup 2018, so she asked for your help. Are you ready to help this damsel in distress? This game's objective is to give a facial treatment to Elsa and paint a flag on her face. This game features many steps! Your first job is to find the hidden footballs in Elsa's room. There are 18 different balls to find, so keep your eyes peeled. In this stage, you can move around in the room by clicking on the arrow keys at the edges of the screen. At the bottom, you'll see the balls you have to find. Next step is to clear Elsa's face. Apply a beauty mask, pluck unwanted hairs, and moisturize her face. Time for makeup! Give her a gorgeous eye look, and add lipstick to get ready for the final step. 4 teams are listed at this stage, and you should pick the correct one. Once you select a team, you can paint her face in the colors of its flag. Grab the correct colors, and finish Elsa's look! She looks amazing!

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MGS developed Soccer Face Art.

Release Date

July 13, 2018


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Princess Elsa as the main character
  • 18 different footballs to find
  • Various steps to complete


Use your mouse to play this game.