Grab your cowboy hat, find a bundle of wheat head to chew, and take a step into the Wild West with the amazing game Smokin' Barrels 2! Jump on your horse and join Johnny Fastfingers on his journey to stop bandits and search for the man who let him live. Offering an addictive gameplay experience with various missions, upgrades, and encounters, Smokin' Barrels 2 will keep you hooked in front of your computer for hours!

Johnny Fastfingers is the fastest shooter in the Wild West, and he makes a living by catching bandits and doing other jobs that regular folk shy away from. In the past, he and his friends got involved in a shooting where all of his friends died, yet the man who killed them spared Johnny's life. His quest to find this mysterious man takes him through the lands of the Wild West filled with opportunities, unruly criminals, and many different challenges. In this shooting game, your objective as the player is to defeat all of the opponents you encounter throughout the levels. These encounters happen by way of old-fashioned gun duels. The one who draws the quickest is the one who wins. During a duel, you will see a countdown. After the countdown, a target board will appear at a random place on the screen and you have to act quickly to aim and shoot the board before your opponent shoots you. During the duel, you can see your and your opponent's health bars in the upper left and right corners of the screen, respectively. To defeat an enemy, try to hit the target board closer to the center so you can deal more damage to your opponent. After each successful duel, you’ll earn coins for your hard work! You can spend these coins at the in-game shop to buy yourself improved armor and other useful items. Hold onto your hat as you enjoy this western adventure!

From gun duels to fist fights, Smokin' Barrels 2 offers an exciting western adventure that will make you shout "Yee-haw!" Here at Kizi, we have many other exciting games! Go check out in our collection of free shooter games, cool games such as Zombie Sniper or The Gun Game Redux!


Witch Hut developed this game.

Release Date

March 2, 2015


  • Exciting gameplay
  • 2D graphics
  • Different levels
  • In-game shop


Use your mouse to play the game.