Prepare yourself to be lost in a fairy dream with Shapik the Quest! You and your friend have been happily living in a fairyland of the magical forest. Unfortunately, your friend was kidnapped. So, get ready to save him now!

You and your friend were minding your own business when someone kidnapped your friend. Now, as a little magical creature, you must go on a journey all alone to save your friend. Discover places that you have never been to before. Through nine chapters of adventure, you should use your logic to click on the right spots to use the items or have dialogues with new characters. This way, you can solve the mystery of the puzzle at each level by discovering your surroundings. If you can successfully unlock your way through these levels, you can finally save your friend in the end. Now, enjoy the magical ambiance with moving music and lovely graphics. Let’s try to save your friend in an unfamiliar world to us!

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Feig Ltd. developed Shapik the Quest.

Release Date

June 21, 2022


• 2D magical graphics

• 9 levels

• Story-like gameplay

• Point and click type of puzzle-based gameplay

• Interesting problems to solve


You can click left to the spots you want to use.