Discover the infinite power in you in Infinite Heroes! This game is based on cards, numbers, power, and adventure. Clear your mind and be ready to defeat your enemies in the coolest way!

In this board card game, you are fighting your enemies as an adventurous warrior. On the course of many levels, you will use the power and defense numbers to attack the cards that come your way. You need to eliminate the enemy cards when they come in waves of card rows. You can choose an enemy card in a row to attack considering its power and defense numbers, or choose to acquire reward cards that will come every once in a while. Your aim in a level is to eliminate or acquire one card of all the rows and move past them. This way, you can also move towards completing all the levels through the snow-capped mountains in this unique game!

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Mirra Games developed Infinite Heroes.

Release Date

December 13, 2022


2D graphics

RPG gameplay

Rich card options and an engaging storyline

Coins and gems to unlock and purchase


Swipe your card onto the card you want to move against.