Being a bandit has many perks in the world of Rogue Soul 2. There’s lots of loot lying around, ready to be collected by the most adventurous and fearless players. Show off your talents in the amazing world of Rogue Soul 2 and run through levels as you beat enemy soldiers, collect gleaming gold and gems, deliver flowers to damsels, and rescue grandpas! Grab your throwing knives, buckle up your sword, and make sure your cape doesn’t get stuck. Are you ready to dive into the adventure in cloak and dagger style?

Rogue Soul 2 offers interesting levels with entertaining gameplay. At first glance, your character may look like a bandit. But every story has two sides and despite being more interested in collecting treasure, soon you will see how he is more than a bandit as he rescues captives and wins the hearts of damsels in distress. As the player, your objective is to complete the objectives of each zone. These objectives vary, from rescuing a certain number of captives from their cages to collecting specific treasure chests. You’ll be rewarded coins at the end of each zone depending on the objectives you complete. You can unlock and upgrade new moves and items for your character with the coins you earn. Aside from their sharp wits and quick reflexes, rogues are also known for their dashing fashion sense. You can unlock new skins for your character, such as new costumes and weapon skins, with the stars you earn from completing objectives. There is also a black market where you can buy powerful items to aid you in combat, but these are more challenging to get because they are more expensive. Show that you are the best rogue and try to unlock everything with the riches you claim!

Life in Rogue Soul 2 is never mundane. Keep your sword ready and trust your reflexes to get out of even the direst situations. If you’re enjoying this game, why not check out Swords and Souls, another game from the same developer?


Soul Game Studios developed Rogue Soul 2.


  • 9 different power-ups
  • 6 different black market items
  • 5 different moves to unlock
  • Many skins to unlock


You can choose two different sets of controls. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. Press the Z or J key to slide and the X or K key to throw.