The grumbling noises coming from the volcanic island in Rocky Rider 2 foreshadow the challenges you have to face during this amazing and addictive game. Jump onto your 4x4 vehicle and be prepared to traverse the amazing yet tough tracks this island offers. Drive along 12 challenging tracks and try to survive the ride. Do you have what it takes to control your vehicle through the rough terrain and reach the finish line?

Start the engine and hold on tight to the steering wheel because this will not be a Sunday stroll through the park! From sandy beaches to lush green forest, from icy mountain tops to rocky volcanic terrain, Rocky Rider 2 will take you through many different locations. Each level has different designs and obstacles that you have to overcome and try to survive through. Your aim in this game is to complete each of the levels by reaching the finish line without crashing and destroying your vehicle. To control your car, you have to use the arrow keys. The up and down arrow keys are used to move forward and backward, respectively, while you can use the left and right arrows to maintain your vehicle's balance when you’re airborne. Keeping your balance is very important because these tracks have plenty of hills, ramps, and steep falls. If you fail to land on your wheels your vehicle will start to take damage either until it explodes or you manage to get back on all four tires again. You can see your health bar in the lower left corner of the screen. Across the health bar, there is your rocket fuel bar. You can use the rocket fuel to reach higher platforms or avoid gaps that are too large for you to jump over. In some levels, you have to transform your vehicle into other types to pass certain obstacles. Do your best and try to beat every level to become the best driver on the island!

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Iriysoft developed this game.


  • 12 different levels
  • 16 achievements to earn
  • In-game shop where you can buy upgrades
  • Colorful 2D graphics


Press the arrow keys to control your vehicle. Press the Z or M key to jump.