Roll up your sleeves; we are heading to the garage with Revolution Off-Road! Play the mechanic, complete the calibrations, and test your car before each race! Check the chassis balance, ready your vehicle, and show off your driving skills on icy roads and wild nature with this 3D simulation!

Prepare yourself and your car for an icy adventure in the middle of nowhere! Let's see how far you can last against bumpy mountain paths, frozen rivers, and blocked roads! Everything in these missions is against you. You have a lot to get over, from the fallen trees to the limited fuel, so let's get to business! First, you must get your car checked. Go to the garage and complete the four controls of your vehicle. Now you are ready for action! Hit the "Continue" button and let the first challenge begin! You can use your mouse to change the camera angle and see your options. Check out the blocked road and turn back to cross the river. You must be careful and steady with your moves. Keep the car in balance and pass the checkpoints. You can watch a short ad to refill your tank and move on with your duty. Good luck!

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RHM Interactive developed Revolution Off-Road.

Release Date

February 2, 2023


  • Good 3D graphics
  • Stunning natural views
  • Additional garage features
  • Unlockable vehicles and upgrades


Use the arrow keys or "W, A, S, D" to move, "R" to restart, "C" to switch the camera, and use the mouse to change the camera angle.