In Renew Royal Couples Wardrobe, it's time to purge our royal couple's wardrobe! They have so many clothes in their wardrobe, but still cannot find anything to wear! So, it's time to renew their wardrobes! Have fun!

Sometimes everybody collects or buys clothes that they will never wear, and these crowd together in the closet, but still, cannot find anything to wear. So, when things come to this point, we need to purge our wardrobes to create room for new ones. Like everybody, our royal couple has so many clothes that they never wear in their closet, too. Can you help them clean and buy new ones? Then you can click on the play button to start the game. Your first objective is to take them to the shopping mall. They both have 350$ budget to spend on clothes. You are the one who will choose for them the new clothing pieces. You can choose whatever you want but try to choose timeless pieces. After you are done with the shopping, you can help them try the new pieces! Let's see if they will like it or not. We hope that Ariel and Eric are going to be super happy and thankful for your fashion advice, so they will wear their new clothes, take a picture, and post it on Princessgram! Have fun!

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Games Banner Network developed Renew Royal Couples Wardrobe.

Release Date

March 29, 2017


  • 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Various options to choose
  • Shopping involving


You can use your mouse to play this game.