Welcome to the eventful and colorful world of Radiator Springs, where everyone is in a rush. Join the other players in this blocky 3D world and take part in different activities, like driving different types of cars and collecting stars. Are you ready to explore the interesting world that this game offers?

So many different types of vehicles from the famous Cars series are lying around in the streets of Radiator Springs just waiting for you to drive them. This famous village has many interesting places. From a police station to a hospital, you can visit many spots. As the player, you can collect stars that are cleverly hidden in the various buildings around the town. You’re not alone in this world. You can see other players around you, sitting in the drivers’ seats of different vehicles, like modern cars or heavy trucks. Tired of walking? You can get into a car and start driving by approaching a vehicle and pressing the E key. Traveling by car is much faster than walking so it’s a good idea to get a car as soon as possible. Just like the real-life version, driving can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Driving at high speeds and crashing into objects will hurt your character or, even worse, could cause them to die. You can see your character’s health bar at the top of the screen, right beside the number of stars you’ve collected.

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Kogama developed this game.


  • Blocky 3D graphics
  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Different activities
  • Different vehicles to drive


Use the WASD keys to walk around and press the SPACE BAR to jump. Use your mouse to turn around and the left mouse button to use a weapon. Press the E key to enter a car or pick up an item.