Become a fighting king in Punch Bob! Are you ready to step in the shoes of the old fighting champion Bob? Now, accompany him in his adventure to get back his power.

This is a fighting game divided into three main parts. Through the levels of each main part, you will be fighting your enemies as the legendary fighter Bob. You don’t need any weapons to take down your enemies, though. In the first part, Punch Them, you will use your whole body to jump on and take down your enemies. In the second part, Flaming Fists, you can throw flames at your enemies by aiming your fists at them. In the third part, Bombs of Doom, you can throw bombs at your enemies. Each level has uniquely designed parkours and challenges for you to consider while taking aim. Don’t forget that you can use the coins you gain to unlock new outfits and spice up your game!

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Simplicity Games developed Punch Bob.

Release Date

September 26, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Skins to unlock

3 game modes

Multiple levels


You can drag the cursor to aim.