In Princess Valentines Chaos, there's a great evil at work here that must be stopped. The evil witch has done it again. She has separated our young couples and they all loved each other dearly. But we can stop this with your help. The question is, are you ready to stand against evil and save our young lovers?

It's 14th of February, everyone! Love is in the air tonight. Actually, no. It's not. Because last night, Maleficent has cast a spell and our princesses lost their memory. We must make them remember, somehow. Because it's the Valentine's Day and our princes are in great misery. We must stop her evil plan at once. In this game, your objective is to break this spell and help them have a wonderful Valentine's Day. First, let's choose one of the 4 princesses. Now, it's time to play a game. You need to find the love of the princess you have chosen and hit him as many times as you can before the timer ends. Great! Now that the princesses remember their boyfriends, we can finally make sure they are ready for tonight. First, choose a nice outfit for the princess and make sure she's a real stunner. Now it's time to dress up the boys. Oh, they both look great. Wouldn't it be lovely to Maleficent's face right now? Thanks for your help!

Now that the princesses are ready for their date, we can move on to other dress up games. Play Descendants Dress Up now and make sure these 4 look great. Have fun!


DressUpWho developed Princess Valentines Chaos.

Release Date

Feb 06 2017


  • Entertaining gameplay
  • A true love to find
  • Easy controls
  • Colorful 2D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.