Join special police missions with your armored car with Police Car Armored! Roam the city, accept missions, and help your fellow police officers in their quests! Drive to the marked locations, turn on the sirens and speed around, break drift score records, and become the hero of your city!

Drive your police car to incidents and help officers save the day! This police car simulator has it all! Manage the smallest customizations of your vehicle, change the color and lights of your car, and buy new upgrades at the shop. You can make money by completing quests and drifting. While drifting on the streets earns you relatively less, missions can get you thousands of dollars to spend on new upgrades. Change the game mode on the right, and try the drift mode. This mode allows you to pause the police missions and focus on your drifting skills. Speed through the running traffic and steer to point scores. Do not hit walls or other cars to keep the scores increasing. You can stop by the gas stations to buy gas and get your car fixed. Complete as many jobs as possible to earn money, customize your car as you wish, and save the city with style!

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Inspector Studios developed Police Car Armored.

Release Date

January 3, 2023


Good 3D graphics

Graphic options on the menu

Car customizations

2 game modes


You can use the arrow keys to play this game.