Dive into a wild new world in Pixel Survive Western! You found yourself in the middle of nowhere with a few of your friends. Now, you have to protect yourself and your friends to stay alive in the wild West! Are you ready for the thrill of your life?

In this great simulation game, your aim is to spend days over days while trying to survive many obstacles. You have a single platform to move through with your friends. Added to the vintage pixel-art graphics, the challenges you face and the fight you give will take you to this dangerous world. You will see the day running in real-time as you play along. Be sure that you use many tools you are given like your ax or knife. When you bump into an enemy, fight them off with your sword. The better you protect yourself, the more points and coins you will have. This way, you can improve the world you are in and even change characters. Now, let’s how many days you can survive in this wild Western world!

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Gold Skull Studios developed Pixel Survive Western.

Release Date

February 03, 2021


Vintage-looking colorful graphics

Skills and tools to upgrade

Need for strategic thinking

Survive for as many days as you can!

Characters to unlock


You can use the WASD to control the character, the space key to jump and the left-click to choose options.