Enter the world of pixels in Pixel Hardcore! A brand-new adventure with vintage-looking pixeled graphics will take you to another dimension. Sit tight and get ready to run fast to get over all the difficulties in this pixelated platformer-adventure game.

This game presents you with a total of fifteen levels that are each uniquely designed. As an adventure platformer, the game includes many challenges throughout the platforms of each level. You will be starting with easier levels with almost no difficulties Later, moving on with the next levels, you will see new challenges like attacking chickens or moving blades. You will have seen it all by the end of the fifteenth level. There is no limit on how many times you can start a new level if you fail. You can also choose to watch a rewarded ad to skip a level you have difficulty passing. Simply use the WASD keys to move and see if you can complete the whole journey!

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GamesComeFirst developed Pixel Hardcore.

Release Date

August 16, 2022


• Vintage-looking graphics

• 15 unique levels

• Challenging gameplay

• Funky and vintage videogame music


Use the WASD keys to control the character.